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Susie Moore
Best Selling Author, "What if it DOES Work Out"

“Christine is a natural seller and teacher. After achieving so much corporate success, you can learn a truckload from this woman about sales that’s truly thoughtful, crazily effective and 100% sleaze free.”
Shanti Zimmerman
World's Leading Emotional Alchemist

“Christine is tapped in, present and wildly awake. She is a lifelong learner and and exquisite teacher.  I would not be where I am in my business today if I had not met her and been invited to speak my truth with her.”

Allison Crow
Intuitive Soul Coach, Mentor & Wild Artist

“Christine is like a stealth ninja of sales and people skills…with this quiet, gentle, and soulful packaging. No external bull shit…just deep goodness and exquisite skill."